Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Podcast Series: The State of Tech Spotlight

Please join The State of Tech this Saturday at 2pm, for the first in our new series of podcasts entitled "The State of Tech Spotlight". The podcast will be broadcast live, right here on the State of Tech Website. Our inaugural guest is Brian Pool, Moodle man extraordinaire and recipient of eTech's Blended Learning Grant. Join us as Brian Shares his experience and expertise on the blended learning model. As always, you can hear about our Awesome Thing of the Week, Tech News, and of course this season we are bringing it with 33% more beard. 

One of our goals with The State of Tech podcast has always been to feature schools and educators doing amazing things in and around the state of Ohio with technology. While we covered lots of awesome topics and met some truly outstanding educators over the past year, we decided that in order to hold true to our mission statement that we should every once in a while feature a school, district, or educator who is using an innovative approach to bringing educational technology into the classroom.

We will continue to do a "big topic" podcast every four weeks, with spotlight podcasts in between. If you would like to nominate an educator, school, or district for "The State of Tech Spotlight", we will have a form available shortly on our site.

Thanks to everyone who listens to and supports the podcast. Our goal is to continue to be an invaluable resource for educators.

The State of Tech Team


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