Sunday, October 23, 2011

Episode 3 Podcast - BYOT

The State of Tech - Episode 3 - "Bring Your Own Technology - BYOT / BYOD / BYOL"

Summary: In this episode we talk about schools using Bring Your Own Technology initiatives (BYOT, BYOD, BYOL); where students bring personal laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices to school. We also explore practical uses, benefits, challenges, and resources.

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  • K12 Great Lakes Region Group Meet-Up, Saturday December 3rd 12:00pm - 3:30pm (link)
  • 2011 SOITA Conference sessions posted. (link)
  • eTech 2012 State Tech Conference Housing Open - Conference attendees can now book hotel rooms with ease using the all-new Passkey page. (link) 
  • The Partnership for 21st Century Skills will host Summit 2.5 on December 8, 2011 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. - (link)
  • E-Rate Trainings Ongoing - Visit the E-Rate page online for a full list of on-site and webinar trainings. (link)
  • K-12 Network Online Application Open - The subsidy application is now available online, and closes October 31. (link) 
Awesome Thing of the Week
  • Sean: 
    • Chrome Remote Desktop BETA: Remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or with a Chromebook. (link)
    • Official Moodle iOS App (Free) Note: Moodle 2.1 must be installed and mobile web services enabled in order for this to work. (link)
  • Eric C: 
    • YouTube offers uploading videos up to 12 hours long(link) - (example 1) - (example 2)
    • Google updates Google Presentations (animations, transitions, new themes, import images from Picasa, improved image alignment, improved drawing tools, rich tables, real-time collaboration, more) - (link)
  • Eric G: 
    • Dropbox - Free website that automatically syncs your documents, Up to 2 GB online storage free, Can earn up to 8 GB  by encouraging others to sign up, Sync between iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Windows & Linux, They listen to their users via VoteBox. (link)
Main Topic: Bring Your Own Technology - BYOT / BYOD / BYOL

Useful Links:
  • Forest Hills Local Schools (Ohio)
    • Project Overview, Resources, and Handbooks - (link)
    • T.H.E. Article on their project - (link)
    • BYOL Presentation - (link)
    • Cary’s Diigo BYOL Bookmarks - (link)
    • Articles and BYOL Schools - (link)
    • Characteristics of 21st Century Learning - (link)
    • Nagel Professional Development Plan - (link)
  • Mason City Schools (Ohio)
    • BYOT Pilot Overview - (link)
  • Valley Local School District (Ohio)
    • BYOT Student Regulations - (link)
  • North Canton City Schools (Ohio)
    • BYOT Student Survey - (link)
    • BYOT Student Survey Results - (link)
    • BYOT Parent Survey - (link)
    • NCCS Student AUP - (link)
    • Meraki wireless - (link)
    • Socrative - Free online student response system - (link)
    • Poll Everywhere - Free student response system - (link)
  • Muskego-Norway Schools (Wisconsin)
    • BYOT Project Information - (link)
    • BYOT Handbook - (link)
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