Sunday, January 29, 2012

Episode 10 - Interactive Whiteboards - Part 2

The State of Tech - Episode 10 - "Interactive Whiteboards - Curricular Uses"

Summary: In this episode we talk about how interactive whiteboards (and other similar touch technology) can improve teaching and learning in schools. We focus on both teacher and student uses, especially highlighting things that cannot be done easily without IWB technology. Plus special guests, David Sladkey and Scott Miller from the "Teaching with Smartboard" podcast.

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  • Edcamp Columbus set for March 3 - Edcamp Columbus is a free, participant-driven event that offers professional development for teachers by teachers. Sessions are determined on the day of the event, and anyone who attends can present. The inaugural Edcamp Columbus session will be held March 3 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Upper Arlington High School in Columbus, OH. Register now and learn more about this unique unconference. (link)
  • Tech Coordinators Meeting at Ohio Educational Technology Conference - Tuesday, February 14 after the keynote speaker. (link) - Note: we will be recording a live State of Tech podcast after that at 1:15PM, Main Stage Battelle Hall.
  • Submit Your Blended Learning Proposals! - We are pleased to announce a new Request for Proposals promoting the use of Blended Learning in Ohio Public Schools. Applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent by or before February 22, 2012. Please visit the Blended Learning RFP page to learn more and apply. (link)
Awesome Thing of the Week
  • Sean: My Classroom Window: Evaluate and review text books, interactive whiteboards, tablets and other types of educational technology. Earn points for each review you submit. (link)
    Plus - Photo of Sean’s Noah’s Ark cake - (link)
  • Eric C: IE Tab - Chrome extension to run IE inside of Chrome for websites that need IE to function properly - (link) - Also, IE Tab Multi - (link)
  • Eric G: App Blaster - Toy for the iPhone and iPod Touch - (link)
    LogMeIn app now Free in the App Store - (link)
Main Topic - Interactive Whiteboards - Curricular Uses

Useful Links for IWB Uses
  • Interactive websites
    • Smartboard Goodies - (link)
    • K-2 Student Interactives - (link)
    • BBC Bitesize - (link)
    • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - (link)
    • Teaching with Smartboard Podcast - (link)
    • SMART Exchange - (link)
    • Teachers Love Smartboards - (link)
    • Online classes - (link)
    • Center School District SMART Board Resources (link)
    • eduScapes - Engaging Learners the SMART Board Way (link)
    • Lee Summit SMART Board Resources (link)
    • Bristol Virginia Schools SMART Board Activities (link)
    • SMART Board Lessons for the Kindergarten Classroom (link)
  • Promethean
  • Polyvision and Epson
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  • February 14th - Topic: The Best of the eTech Educational Technology ConferenceWe are live from eTech! - Main Stage - Battelle Hall - 1:15 pm
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