Saturday, March 31, 2012

Episode 13 Podcast - "Paperless Classroom"

The State of Tech - Episode 13 - "Paperless Classroom"

Summary: In this episode we talk about going paperless in the classroom. We look at the best practices for having students turn in their assignments electronically using Google Docs and Dropbox, student created eNotebooks using Google Sites, and discussing a variety of online and offline tools students can use to produce and turn in their assignments without ever touching the dreaded 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper!

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  • 2nd Annual Ohio Google Apps Summit - May 10th at the Columbus Convention Center. Call for presenters is now closed, registration is still open. Link
  • Ohio Moodle Moot - a Moodle centered conference will take place June 21st at the Mid-Ohio Conference center in Mansfield, Ohio. Registration is now open. Link

Awesome Thing of the Week
  • Ryan: Google Chrome Multiple Profile Link
  • Sean: My Chrome Theme: Create your own custom Chrome theme in three simple steps. Upload an existing image or use your webcam. Add color, install and share! Link
  • Eric C: Pinterest - Good way to find any organize web content, especially for visually oriented users. Link
  • Eric G: A free way to schedule using your Google Calendar and any email address. Link
Main Topic: Going Paperless 
Useful Links
  • South Korean Schools go Paperless. Can Others Follow? Link
  • The Paperless Classroom by Steve Katz Link
  • The Complete Dropbox for Educators Link
  • Educator’s Guide to Evernote Link
  • 10 Tools for Getting the Most from Dropbox Link
  • 3 Reasons Why Students Should be Using Dropbox Link
  • Drop it to Me - Upload to a Dropbox without needing an account
  • The State of Tech Chrome Theme Link
Next episodes
  • April 7th - Flipped Classroom - 1st live podcast! Will be raffling off a Pogoplug Personal Cloud device to one of our live audience members
  • April 21st - Chromebooks in the Classroom with Jaime Casap from Google
Listener Feedback


  1. This is a good program. It is nice that you discussed going paperless in classrooms. It is a lot convenient for the teachers and the students. You can even use some document scanning services to digitize your books and paper materials as well.

  2. Going paperless in your classroom is a good move for a faster and more convenient discussion in class. It is easier to show to your students the lesson when you have a digital version of it.
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  3. I agree with the comments. Going paperless in the classroom makes it easier for the teachers and students to communicate with each other and discuss the lessons. They can even focus more on particular topics using their electronic devices. anti spam service

  4. A paperless classroom would require each student and each teacher to have their own online document storage in order for them to have a place to organize their academic-related documents such as e-books and homeworks. Putting it online would make it easier for them to share it to others.

  5. Reminded me of that news bit about medical records storage going paperless too. Just hope it's not cost-restrictive.

  6. In paperless technology we can store million of data without effecting the nature as we all know that paper are formed from the tree and for making of paper in small amount we cut the whole tree. so paperless technology is also helpful for our environment. for more info click here.

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