Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 14 Podcast - "The Flipped Classroom"

The State of Tech - Episode 14 - "The Flipped Classroom"

Summary: In this episode we talk about the flipped classroom. We define what "flipping" your classroom is and is not, explore how to integrate the concepts behind the flipped classroom model into your curriculum, and how to leverage available technology to appropriately pair the learning activity with the learning environment. Guests also discuss their success stories, tips and tricks, tools, and hurdles they faced when flipping their own classrooms.

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Show Notes (click "Read more" to see full show notes if they are not already displayed below.)
  • Ohio Google Apps Summit: Session descriptions now posted for the Ohio Google Apps Summit Link 
  • Dropbox updated their maximum amount of storage to 16GB for referring users to their service Link
  • OETC12 videos from keynote and featured speakers online now at Link
Awesome Thing of the Week
  • Sean: Move a File to a Folder in Google Docs Without the Docs List: You can now organize your files just by clicking the folder icon next to the file’s title. Link Creative Book Builder for iOS $3.99: Create interactive multi-media textbooks right on your iPad. Add videos, audio, pictures and hyperlinks. Link
  • Eric C: CK-12 Study Guides - Link
  • Eric G: CloudLock - Link
Main Topic: The Flipped Classroom

Useful Links

Tools available for creating annotated screencasts and tutorials:
  • Camtasia - Link
  • Screenflow (mac) - Link
  • Jing (JingPro discontinued) - Link
  • SnagIt (unlimited vid recorder featured after JingPro died) - Link
  • Ink2Go (combines recording and inking) - Link
  • Screenr - Link
  • Screencast-O-Matic - Link
  • Educreations - Link
  • Omnidazzle (great tool to ink over screen) - Link
  • Jarnal (great tool to ink “in” pdf documents) - Link
  • ScreenChomp (iOS app, free) - Link
  • Educreations (iOS app, free) - Link
  • Explain Everything (iOS app, $2.99) - Link
Additional resources:
  • Flipped Classroom Infographic - Link
  • resources - Link
  • Should You Flip Your Classroom? - Link
  • Basic steps required for flipping your classroom - Link
  • Prezi Presentations - Link
  • Steve Mays’ Prezi Page - Link
  • Steve Mays’ Youtube Station - Link
  • Flipping Pros and Cons - Link
  • Online Smart Notebook Express - Link
  • Smart Notebook - Link
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  • April 21st - Chromebooks in the Classroom with Jaime Casap from Google 
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