Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 015 - "Google Chromebooks"

The State of Tech - Episode 15 - "Google Chromebooks"

Summary: In this episode we talk about the benefits and challenges of Chromebooks, hear practical stories of Chromebook rollouts, and explore the idea of living entirely in the browser

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Show Notes (click "Read more" to see full show notes if they are not already displayed below.)

  • Sean Beavers - sean@soita.org
  • Eric Curts - www.ericcurts.com
  • Eric Griffith - eric.s.griffith@gmail.com
  • Jaime Casap, Google Twitter: @jcasap, Google+: Link
  • Michael Jaber, Fond du Lac School District, WI
Main Topic: Google Chromebooks

Questions from audience:
  • Ryan Collins @mr_rcollins - @thestateoftech wish I could! Could you find out about managing wifi only Chromebooks not purchased from Google? 
  • If you purchase the “consumer” model from like a Best Buy retailer, there is no management capability. They are a bit cheaper, but you lose in the functionality of the Chromebook. The battery life is shorter in the consumer model as well!
  • Maureen Chertow Miller - My District is looking into Chromebooks for a small purchase, either 90 or 180 devices. Do you know if you are able to just purchase the device without the support agreement? 
  • Currently,You cannot purchase a device without the support agreement. If you purchase a consumer model, you won’t have the support agreement, but you won’t have the management piece either.
Favorite Web apps, Extensions, and Sites:
  • Sean - Lazarus: Form Recovery - Link
  • Sean - AppJump App Launcher and Organizer - Link
  • Sean - Bookmark Sentry - Link
  • Sean - Tab Cloud - Link
  • Eric C - Awesome Screenshot - Link
  • Eric C - Pixlr Grabber - Link
  • Eric C - WeVideo - Link
  • Eric G - SpeakIt! - Link
  • Michael - URL Shortener - Link
  • Michael - PicMonkey - Link
  • Michael - Loupe - Link
  • Jaime - Evernote - Link
  • Jamie - Readability - Link
  • SlideRocket - Link
  • TypingClub - Link
  • Boomerang - Link
Useful Links
  • Technology Team Tackles Teacher Training Link
  • Fondy Tech Team’s 1:1 Chromebook Initiative Helpful Links Link
  • Chromebooks for Education Website - Link
  • Chromebooks for Education Overview - Link
  • How to Use a Chromebook Playlist - Link
  • A Chrome Superhero - Link
  • Back to School with Google Chromebooks - Link
  • Chromebook Forum - Link
  • Chromebook Central - Link
  • Rndr - For Java on a Chromebook - Rndr is a cloud service that allows you to use any device to access web applications that require Java, Silverlight, Flash and other plugins. - Link
  • CK-12 Flexbooks - Free digital textbooks. - Link
  • Haiku - Link
  • Ohio Google Apps Summit: Session descriptions now posted for the Ohio Google Apps Summit Link
  • EdCamp Cleveland - June 15, 2012 - Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School - FREE - with lunch provided - Link
  • Google Education On Air Conference - May 2nd - Noon-10pm EST - FREE - 40 sessions on a variety of Google (and other ed-tech) topics - Link
Awesome Thing of the Week
  • Sean: Instagrok: instaGrok is a search engine specifically designed with education in mind. Enter your search query, and your results page will be filled with interesting facts, related terms, websites, images, and best of all quiz questions which can then be used right away in the classroom. Any of the information can be “pinned” to your journal for later use. - Link
  • Eric C: YouTube tools: TubeChop Link (allows you to easily chop a section from any YouTube video and share it) - ViewPure Link (watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the other things)
  • Eric G: Google Chat Tips now with "sarcasm"
    _your text_ italicized 
    *your text* bold
    -your text- strike-through
Next episodes
  • May 5th: Teaching Science with Technology - Survey is still open:  Survey link
  • May 19th: LMS Shootout: Compare a variety of LMS solutions - Survey link
  • June 2nd: LMS Practical Applications

  • Giveaway - IPEVO Tubular Bluetooth speakers. Tweet @thestateoftech and a link to the episode show notes page to be entered for a chance to win. Winner will be announced during the next episode.