Sunday, December 16, 2012

The State of Tech - Episode 024 - "Spotlight: Medina City Schools"

The State of Tech - Episode 024 - "Spotlight: Medina City Schools"

Summary: In this episode we do a spotlight on Medina City Schools, looking at the great ways Medina is using technology in their schools. Guests include Stacy Hawthorne, Christina Hamman, Shannon Conley, and Stephani Itibrout.

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Show Notes (click "Read more" to see full show notes if they are not already displayed below.)

  • Sean Beavers
  • Eric Griffith
Spotlight: Medina City Schools

  • Stacy Hawthorne
  • Christina Hamman 
  • Shannon Conley
  • Stephani Itibrout
  • Ohio eTech Educational Technology Conference - Conference sessions are posted. Early bird rates are available until December 15th - Link
  • 2012 Biennial Educational Technology Assessment closes December 14th - Link
  • Call for Presenters: Ohio Google Apps Summit. Proposals due December 31st - Link
Awesome Thing of the Week:
  • Sean: Nearpod - Link
  • Eric G: Google Maps for iOS -Link


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