Monday, December 3, 2012

The State of Tech - Episode 23 - "Google Plus"

The State of Tech - Episode 023 - "Google Plus"

Summary: In this episode we talk about Google Plus, Google’s answer for social networking. Our guests will discuss what it is, various use cases, how to roll it out, and tips and best practices. Also as always our Tech News and Awesome thing of the week.

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Show Notes (click "Read more" to see full show notes if they are not already displayed below.)

  • Sean Beavers -
  • Eric Curts -
  • Eric Griffith -
  • OETC 2013 early bird special closes December 5th - Link
  • Speak Up 2012 technology survey has been extended until December 21st - Link
  • Biennial Educational Technology Assessment deadline is December 14th - Link
Awesome Thing of the Week

  • Sean:
     - Hashplug Chrome Extension: Add real-time Twitter results back to Google. - Link
     - Evernote Clearly Extension: Evernote Clearly now has the ability to read any article, highlighting the currently read word (available for premium members). - Link 
  • Eric C: Google Drive attachments in Gmail - Link
  • Eric G: Google Drive App update for Android and iOS - Link
Main Topic: Google+ for Schools

  • Live Podcast Char Roll - Link

Uses for Google+ in Schools

  • Staff professional development/remote help desk
  • Staff meetings
  • Recording instruction to be used for flipping your class
  • Developing your Personal Learning Network
  • Online tutoring for students, blended learning
  • Watch shared YouTube playlists together
  • Virtual office hours
  • Create circles for each class to facilitate online discussions
  • Writing prompts: share an interesting link, photo, quote etc. with a circle. Have students write their responses in the stream
  • IEP meetings/parent-teacher conferences
  • Circles for literature circles and book clubs
  • +1 anything: great way to share articles with your students/staff
  • Easily share Google Reader posts with your students
  • Circles for students to facilitate group projects. They can easily communicate about the project and share resources
  • Use instant upload to upload pictures from school events
  • “Social Newsletter” for parents instead of weekly printed newsletters
  • Easy way to post a quick assignment for a “digital snow day.”
  • Create a Google+ Page for various projects, events and clubs.
  • Telepresence classes (e.g. streaming high school calculus to multiple middle schools via Hangouts, language classes, world-studies connecting with other classrooms/schools around the world, etc.)
  • Hangouts on air for morning announcements (Principal -> school, district office -> all schools, etc.)
  • How to shared circles - Link:

Challenges for using Google+ in Schools

  • Currently unable to block sharing outside your domain
  • How to handle multiple accounts (personal and work)
  • Setting profile picture and banner pic as something clearly indicating ‘organization’ account
  • Will some premium features eventually cost money?
  • Users must be 13+

Best Practices and Rollout Ideas

  • Perhaps just start with staff?
  • KIPP LA - starting with key leadership (~10, then to office administration staff (~20) then to all staff on 12/14 (~300). No plans to roll to students until Google lets us wall them in.

Useful Links

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