Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The State of Tech - Episode 034 - "Tech Predictions 2014"

The State of Tech - Episode 034 - "Tech Predictions 2014"
Summary: In this episode we review last year’s tech predictions and ramble on about our tech predictions for 2014.

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Awesome Thing of the Week

Sean: Page Ruler Chrome Extension: Link

Eric C:
  • NEWSELA - Daily nonfiction news articles, each available at multiple lexile levels, with associated Common Core aligned quizzes. Teachers can also assign and track student articles. http://newsela.com/
  • Next Generation Assessments: http://nextgen.apps.sparcc.org
Eric G:  Pebble Steel smart watch Link

Main Topic: Tech Predictions 2014

Eric C
  • Android and Chrome will crossover more. Chrome web apps will run in Chrome for Android on tablets and phones, and Android apps will run inside of Chrome on PCs’, Macs, and Chromebooks. Touchscreen Chromebooks will take full advantage of the features in Android apps.
  • Mandatory online assessments (PARCC) will get pushed back one year due to technical problems and lawsuits from schools unable to meet the requirements.
  • There will be significant growth in e-learning as schools try to prepare for PARCC, offer an alternative for online schools, respond to the wave of teacher retirements, and take advantage of the growing amount of online curriculum and LMS tools. States will increasingly move away from the traditional Carnegie Unit of seat time for students to earn credit and offer competency-based alternatives. This will open up more options for blended learning, online classes, and software that personalizes instruction to each student.
Eric G
  • Car manufacturers will start using Android to replace their navigation, media and connection to your phone via bluetooth speaker.
  • Chrome Cast will add mirroring your Android smartphone or tablet as one of the features, making it a major competitor to the Apple TV.
  • Chromebooks will be more popular than ever this year with more manufacturers and better design and pricing. We will even hear of districts replacing their aging iPad carts with Chromebooks as a better alternative.
  • Chromecast mirroring will be enabled on all Android devices with an update or app.
  • Google Apps will become and be viewed as a viable alternative to traditional LMS solutions.
  • Coding will be offered by all if not most high schools by the end of 2014.
  • There will be more Google Chrome desktops
  • There will be a $99 Chrome tablet
  • There will be a change in adoption rates and the pendulum will switch from Apple devices to Google devices such as Android tablets and Chromebooks.
  • Google will spring clean a service that we all use and love and we will get over it
Isaac Asimov
Tech Predictions 2013:

  • Additional aspects of Chrome OS merge with the Android operating system, aspects of the Android operating system merge with Chrome OS. 
  • Wearable technology begins to emerge: Apple will release a watch-like device which will provide glanceable information such as email notifications, weather conditions, voicemail messages. Google is currently working on their Google Glass Explorer Edition.
  • School’s will focus less on the device, and place increased importance on the services; making technology even more ubiquitous and readily available for students and staff.

Eric C: 

  • Chromebook adoption - There will be significant adoption of Chromebooks by schools due to their low price, high quality, aggressive marketing by Google, and the growing requirements for online standardized tests.
  • Cloud outage - A cloud outage will cause significant disruptions for schools. This is not necessarily because of any increase in problems with cloud services, but rather an increase in schools that are using and relying on web-based services and storage, which will cause the outage to affect many more people.
  • Google Fiber Expansion - Google Fiber will expand beyond Kansas City to other parts of the country. This will directly affect schools that can get the service, and indirectly affect others as competing providers have to begin lowering prices. Connectivity is currently one of the largest parts of a school’s tech budget.
  • Augmented Reality - Augmented reality will move from novelty to educationally viable tool.
  • Digital Textbooks - There will be a significant increase in the availability and adoption of digital alternatives to traditional textbooks. Look for many key players to get involved including Google, Amazon, and MIcrosoft. The trend will grow due to extremely low prices for devices and from clearly organized channels for purchasing high quality, standards-aligned digital curricula.
  • Digital schools - A nation-wide digital school will become available. It will see significant acceptance due to frustration with public schools, concerns over safety, the backing of a well-known company/brand, low cost for technology, increased ability to interact digitally, and high quality of the curriculum.

Eric G: 
  • Google Chrome will have a license-able version for the desktop, able to push and install apps and extensions just like you can with their Chromebooks.
  • Google will drop their price on the Google Chrome Box making it more appealing for Education.